1. Who is the Professional Fitness Convention addressed to?

The Convention is only for Sports & Exercise Scientists/ Undergraduate & Postgraduate Sport Science Students and it is suitable for those who work or they want to work as:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Group Exercise Trainers
  • CrossFit Coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches


2. Is the Convention expensive? In other worlds, the benefit to be gained from the Convention will be worth the money you spend (Value of money)?

At First we should mention that the Professional Fitness Convention is the first and the only Convention for Fitness Professional currently in Cyprus. The money someone will spend to go to a similar convention abroad will be much more (Flight, Transportation, Accomodation & Entrance Fee). During the three days, the participants will spend max 300€ and they can attend 18 hours of Workshops, they can choose between 30+ sessions. Also they can choose between 9 exceptional Presenters from abroad well recognised all around the world, and some pof them won Multiple Global Awards. Finally it is important that for all practical workshops, it will be equipment for everyone.


3. Will I get a certificate of attendance? Is that certificate accredited?

The Preconvention Certification is accretited by: ACE 1.2 CECs, ACSM 9.0 CECs, AFAA 12.0 CEUs, NASM 1.2 CECs
For the Convention, it will be given a General Certification of Attendance. We believe we are now on the stage, to declare that Professional Fitness Convention is well known all around Europe, that's why all these great Presenters accepted our invitation to come and teach here in Cyprus. Saying that, we want to clarify that this Certification is only the proof, that you have attended a probably one of the best Convention in Europe with amazing Presenters and has no extra accreditation.


4. How can someone get the Certificate?

The Certificates will be given at the convention only


5. I am not a trainer, but I would like to become one, can the convention help me?

Legislation in Cyprus is specific and allows working legally at the gyms graduates with specific qualifications according to the law. The convention does not in any way, give the right to somebody to work in Cyprus legally in the field of fitness. The purpose of the convention is to provide specific knowledge and expertise in specific subjects involved in each Workshop or Training.

6. I am a student of Sports Science and/or Physical Education, can I attend the convention?

The convention is ideal for students from related branches because a student can meet the new trends of the fitness industry and have all the benefits mentioned above.

7. I am a University graduate of Physical Education and/or Sports Science (with 4 years study) so what could a three-day long convention offer to me?

First of all we should mention that the Professional Fitness Convention is not a (scientific) academic convention but purely commercial, with as much as possible scientifically qualified Presenters with credentials to perform the following:

  • To inform and introduce new trends & new equipment according to the World standards of Fitness industry
  • To enrich and extend the knowledge of professionals through the latest and most secure developments
  • To specialize the participants on specific subjects
  • To train the participants in various equipment
  • To offer new ideas and perspectives to fitness professionals
  • To strengthen the links/bonds (network) between the participants themselves, the companies and presenters participating at the convention 

The convention year after year upgrades the quality, the Presenters and the overal experience in order to support continuing education by giving the resources to improve your existing skills, develop new ones and boost your career. As a fitness professional, you must stay educated and up to date on the industry in order to differentiate you from the Competition. Equip yourself with practical skills and never stop learning.


8. Can I choose only one Workshop?

Unfortunately, this year participants can purchase minimum One Day Convention.


9. Is everything concerning the convention in the English language, as I am not very good in English?

The convention is designed so that at all times at least in one room a session will be in Greek.


10. Can I register at the entrance?

Unfortunately, the registrations in this year’s convention can’t be made at the entrance. The final date for Registrations for the Preconvention is Thursday, 28th of April 2022 and if only there is available space and equipment. The final date for Registrations for the Convention is Friday, 29th of April 2022 and if only there is available space and equipment.

11. If I am not able to come for any reason, can I have a refund?

Cancellation policy allow a Full refund if you cancel in more than 14 days before the Convention. The participants who will not be able to come or if they cancel in less than 14 days before the event, they will receive a coupon to redeem 50% of their payment in equipment or trainings in the following six months from our online shop 

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