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professional fitness convention
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professional fitness convention , jump to the next level

professional fitness convention
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quality professional workshops presented by selected leading speakers in their fields through their know-how and experience

1. The enrichment and renewal of knowledge of professionals within the industry through the latest and safest fitness trends

2. Introduction of new products according to the standards of the global fitness market

3. The empowerment of the network between the participants themselves and the companies involved within the fitness industry


A unique opportunity to connect, learn and exchange experiences, know-how, and make continued training a way of life to excel and thrive in your field

World Class Presenters

International World Class presenters coming together in one event

30+ Workshops

30+ Different Professional Workshops and exciting to choose from

Latest fitness trends

Latest and best fitness trends that will take over the following years

Equipment for everybody

Equipment will be available for everybody for real practical workshops

Three different stages

Three different and spacious areas to accommodate all attendees

Equipment for sale

Used equipment for sale to buy after the Convention 

Meet and connect with others

develop and maintain friendships with like-minded colleagues

Personal Development

 increase your self-awareness, look at your life goals, personal challenges and aspirations

Value for money

choose 12 hours workshops between 30+ sessions & 9 presenters


Convention tickets are limited in availability so please make sure to reserve your seats by clicking the book now button below several days before the event date. Registrations wont be accepted at the event but only on-line before the event.


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